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Jeff is worry free to work with. He’s a problem solver with an eye for what you want, and he knows the best way to make it happen.

Walter Alexander

Pine State Biscuits, Inc.


People started asking me to use my skills to make things for them that were more utilitarian. For a while I resisted, seeing this as a potential distraction from my work as an artist. However, a few clients persisted, and I produced some furniture with the same care I took in making fine art. To my surprise, the process was not a compromise at all. On the contrary, I found that I enjoyed working within the parameters that the projects defined. I continued to accept these commissions and eventually chose to focus on them exclusively.


I now apply my skills to a great variety of projects. Not all of them are art, but I maintain an un-compromised devotion to craft in everything I do. From a simple repair to the most ambitious sculptural commission, my goal remains the same: an elegant design that efficiently utilizes materials to create something that remains beautiful forever.

jeff whitaker


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